If you have an aging loved one who requires some support, you may be trying to decide what kind of living situation will suite them best. If given the choice, most of us would prefer to stay in our own homes as long as possible. While receiving medical care or custodial support in the home may seem like the ideal choice, experts in the senior living field agree that seniors experience overall better quality of life, and families have more peace of mind, when they move to an assisted living community. 

Carmen Duren, Executive Director at Provident Village at Canton in Canton, GA, explains, “Home care may allow a loved one to continue living in a familiar place, but it may not always meet a person’s emotional, physical or security needs. Assisted living can offer a lifestyle of total well-being, where every need is met in one place – right where they live. 

“Additionally, we often find that when a loved one is well cared for and comfortable in assisted living, families no longer have to spend their time concerned about their loved one’s well-being, and they are once again free to focus on their relationship.”

Benefits to Residing in an Assisted Living Community 

Assisted living communities provide a wide array of services and amenities that can benefit your loved one’s physical, mental and emotional health. You can find detailed descriptions of services online at www.alfa.org, the website of the Assisted Living Federation of America, now called Argentum. Among the benefits assisted living can offer that home care cannot, the most prominent include:

24-Hour Care

  • Assisted Living communities provide your loved one with the professional care they need whenever they need it, as opposed to being dependent on a home care worker’s schedule.
  • Around-the-clock support allows your loved one the freedom to determine their own schedule and gives them the confidence to do as they please, knowing that if they do require help, someone will be near to offer assistance.
  • Families no longer have to worry about their loved ones during the hours their home care worker isn’t around.


  • Unlike a loved one’s family home, Assisted Living communities are physically designed to benefit older adults and are well equipped with ramps, handrails and other safety features to promote activity and security.
  • Even when residents are alone in their private suites, emergency call systems ensure help is always nearby. 

Easy Access to Care

  • Care professionals on site can help with daily living tasks, medication reminders and basic medical care.
  • Most Assisted Living communities offer scheduled transportation to doctor’s appointments.
  • Wellness programs are available on site to help your loved one meet health goals and daily, prepared meals ensure your loved one receives the nutrients they need to stay well.
  • Assisted Living communities are often connected with and located near healthcare centers and hospitals, so if advanced medical care is needed, your loved one has a dedicated team to make sure they get the help they require. 


  • Community living prevents social isolation, which can lead to depression and poor physical and cognitive health in seniors.
  • Assisted living communities offer a variety of activities and programs to help residents get involved in the community and engaged with others.
  • Residents experience better self-esteem and fulfillment when interacting with their peers socially.

Lower Total Cost

  • Despite the seemingly high monthly payments, assisted living is, on average, cheaper than a month of comparable home care, especially if your loved one requires medical care.
  • Costs are all-inclusive, whereas with home care, you must pay for different services from various sources (i.e., paying an hourly rate to a home care provider, paying daily for social involvement at an adult day center, etc.)
  • The article “Assisted Living & In-Home Care Compared” on A Place for Mom’s website compares the monthly costs of both care types side-by-side, concluding that assisted living can cost as little as half the price of home care.

Vibrant Living at Provident Village

Provident Village at Canton will soon be open to provide seniors and their families with support through assisted living and memory care. “Our community is designed to meet the needs of our residents, from help with daily tasks to engagement in meaningful activities,” Duren says. “We get to know our residents for the individuals they are, and we adapt our care to their personalities and interests.

“We serve residents under the philosophy of vibrant living, and we believe that comes from total wellbeing of mind, body, spirit and intellect. Provident Village at Canton is a community where seniors can thrive, having access to all the resources they need or want to live their lives to the fullest and a team of compassionate professionals to help them do just that.”

Live Vibrantly! at Provident Village at Canton

At Provident Village at Canton, we believe vibrant days ensure bright tomorrows, so we’ve created a community where seniors, quite simply, Live Vibrantly! Whether it’s in our Assisted Living Community or Memory Care Neighborhood, each day we celebrate the individuality and strengths of each resident.

At Provident Village, to Live Vibrantly! means that days are filled with joy, vitality, growth and security. It means residents are socially active and personally empowered, with access to the personalized care and support they need to live fully. It means residing in a community where intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical care are seamlessly integrated into everyday life.

Our compassionate Care Partners dedicate each day to enriching the lives of our residents. They customize the level of attention and activities to each resident’s specific needs and abilities. Our living environments are warm and inviting, with comfortable furnishings, beautiful fixtures and natural elements that bring the outdoors inside.  

We invite you to visit us and see for yourself!